Hope and love in 140 characters

Hab ich grad bei Vaux gefunden und hat mir gefallen – für alle die unter Euch, die immer noch denken, Twitter ist nur um anderen zu sagen, dass man auf’s Klo geht und wann man Kaffee trinkt…

Twitter followers

“There is an African saying that says it is through other people that we become people.

By tapping into and supporting the passions and drivers of a swirling, ever-changing network of people, I am made better. I am made stronger, smarter, and deeper, and more together in a way that I could not be, on my own.

Twitter helps us become more human, in a time when it is more important than ever before to see us as connected on this Earth, not separate; linked together, not divided; to see ourselves as elements of a whole that is greater than any, and all, of the individual parts.

Twitter is about hope and love, although the casual observer might miss that completely.”

My Twitter Story: Why I Use Twitter by Stowe Boyd

[From Hope and love in 140 characters]

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