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In London haben wir drei Leute kennen gelernt – Matt, Chris und Josh – Gründer von „thenewcelebrity“ man kann nicht genau sagen, ob sie total durchgeknallt sind oder einfach nur überhammerkreativ. Vermutlich beides.
Sie haben eine Webseite am Start in der sie die neuen Stars feiern. Sie stellen die einfache Frage: Warum sollte ich Stars feiern, die ich nicht kenne? Sie feiern ihre Freunde, Poeten, Bands, Geschichtenschreiber. Ihr müsst ein bisschen wagemutig sein und solltet etwas Englisch können, um ihre Seite wirklich zu geniessen.
Sie lachen gern und viel und ich würde gern mal einen Podcast mit ihnen machen. Wir haben uns totgelacht und Chris schuldet mir immer noch amerikanische Blondinenwitze. Und auf Josh’s Skype People Liste will ich immer noch nicht. Unten gibt es ein Beispiel von Matt…(einen Post von Johannes über die Jungs gibt es hier.)
In London we met three guys: Matt, Chris and Josh – founders of „thenewcelebrity“ – one can’t say if they are just totally nuts or simply hypercreative. Probably both.
The got a website in shich they celebrate the new celebrity: They are asking a simple question: Why celebrate Celebrities that are miles away, far from my life? They are celebrating their friends for being the new celebrities: Poets, Bands, Storytellers. You have to enjoy exploring if your want to enjoy their site.
They are laughing a lot and I would love doing a podcast with them, we laughed our heads of and Chris still owes me some blonde jokes from Amerika. And I still don’t want to be an Josh’s Skype List of people. (Johannes postet about them, too)
Here is an example of Matt’s Writing:

By Matt Gierhart

I was writing poems before I knew what poems were. My first memory of writing a poem (rather speaking first) was when I was eleven or ten years old. I was walking from the front yard to the back yard and I had some kind of something that seemed to rhyme. I don’t remember it specifically, but I know it had something to do with me making a comeback. This is how I started my writing career, by making a comeback.

The History of Writing by matt gierhart

Although, it took me a while to associate English class, as in school, with writing, I quickly feel in love with English. I have a barrel of examples to prove my point, but I think the strongest comes from Mrs. Tarrs’ class my sophomore year of High School.

Mrs. Tarr was the idea of the stereotypical English teacher that you might hear about on some variety show in the early nineties. She was old and cared immensely about grammar rules. I believe, if memory serves, that she retired the year after my class. Either way, she would have us do two things everyday at the beginning of class. The first was to write a journal, the second was to do a grammar exercise. I didn’t care for the grammar exercise, but I couldn’t do much else than barely pass them. However, on the journal I felt like I had room to revolt. She always gave a topic, and my goal, after being moved away from Mike Waters, whom I would only complain about things with, was to try to stretch the topic to the most bizarrely related story. After my neighbors would gradually want to read my paper everyday, it quickly turned into a class event to pass my journal around the class.

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