Alan Hirsch im Christianity Today Interview

Damit man mal ein Foto von dem Kerl sieht (Danke Andi!):


Ein Australier mit jüdischen Wurzeln, der einiges zu sagen hat – wenn Du des Englischen mächtig bist, empfehle ich dir sein Interview mit Christianity Today „Small Groups and the mission of god“ – einen kurzen Auszug, den ich für wertvoll erachte, gebe ich hier wieder:

„I’d like to look specifically at the disciple-making element for a moment. You mentioned in the book that disciple making is a crucial, pivotal element in the process. What makes it so important?

It seems to me that if we fail to make disciples—that is, people who can become like Jesus Christ, which is a very simple definition of discipleship—if we can’t get that right, then in doesn’t matter what else we do because there will be a fundamental weakness in our ministry. The lack of disciples will always undermine any effort beyond that. But if we succeed in developing and creating an environment where people really can become more Christlike, it seems to me that the movement is on, and everything else will have a substantial basis along with it.

The problem is that we are being discipled every day by our culture, and it’s done very profoundly and very well—and I say this with a background in marketing and advertising. There are billions of dollars going into advertising, which is not just selling us products. There’s much more of a religious dynamic going on. So if we as a church or a small group don’t disciple in the way of Jesus, then the culture gets to have the primary say. And I have to say that, despite our best efforts, the culture is winning at this stage.“ (Quelle, Hervorhebungen meine)

Wer beeinflusst die Leute mit denen Du in Deiner Gemeinschaft bist am meisten? Die Gemeinschaft der Nachfolger in der sie sind oder unsere Konsumgesellschaft? Wer hat dir beigebracht zu leben? Wie wird deine Nachfolge geprägt?

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